Automobile Engineering mainly deals with designing and manufacturing a variety of vehicles used in a wide range of tasks in various sectors. The automobile engineers strive to develop better machinery for the vehicles so that better and reliable performances can be achieved in lesser investments. Also the main motive behind re-designing of vehicular parts is to extend their capabilities and make them applicable in a wider spectrum. In transport vehicles, especially cars, main focus is to increases speed, stability and comfort in reduced cost. Thus, due to its applications and increasing desires of customers, the automobile sector is facing revolutionary changes and has been more challenging than ever before. Learning in this field comprises of designing vehicle, manufacturing and repairing of vehicles and innovating new machinery from the existing ones. There are alternative areas like aerodynamics, fuels etc that offer wider career options.

The Department of Automobile Engineering visions to produce automobile engineers who can face the dynamic challenges and respond with better strategies and solutions. Being the Top Automobile Engineering College in Palwal, SRCEM has setup dedicated automobile labs equipped with latest gadgets, apparatuses and vehicles for practical training.Highly qualified faculty and supporting staff provides focused learning and hand-on training sessions in which students are given opportunity to attain knowledge by practicing directly on the vehicles. Knowledge about Fundamental principles, concepts and their implementations are provided through demonstrations.A lot of modern apparatuses have been provisioned in laboratories so that students can practice and test their implementations and can try alternate methodologies for improved results without any risks.Separate Project lab has been dedicated to provide a practical environment where students shape up their ideas into real products under the supervision of their project guides. Students are encouraged to innovate new ideas so that their knowledge and experience can increase their worth during placement drives and they can enjoy better career opportunities with higher salaries.

  • To get broad exposure to the area of Automobile Engineering so as to be technically competitive and forge ahead in the race of automotive demand.
  • To acquire hands on practical experience in Automobile Engineering discipline through live projects and opportunities to work with experienced faculty in research.
  • To be trained and groomed to meet the technological challenges and needs of automobiles in industry and society.
  • To acquire fundamental technical knowledge and skill in science and engineering for recognizing and solving problems in the areas of design, development and manufacturing.
  • To become successful engineers, scientists, researchers, and innovators and make substantial contributions to the society at large.
  • The department of computer science & engineering offers 4 year undergraduate programmes leading to bachelor of technology affiliated to MDU, rohtak and 2 year postgraduate program leading to

    Automobile Engineering finds applications personal & commercial level in the society. Therefore the automobile engineers can find employment work in many industries including private, public and Govt. sector. With the rapid rate of demand and expansion in the automotive industrial sector, the employment potential for automobile engineers is very high. Automobile engineers can also find jobs in automobile & transportation industry, design and development sector, aerospace industry, technical wings of armed forces and so on. They can also opt for technical sales / marketing or work as an independent consultants.