SRCEM, the Top College in Palwal committed to create better lives by offering best in class education and placement opportunities has become the driving part of success legend of a number of students. Students who decided to have an association with SRCEM for the most crucial aspect of their lives, the graduation and post-graduation degree, have witnesses SRCEM making relentless efforts to pave a beautiful platform for education and the ultimate road of success for them. The institute feels proud to announce that more than 32 have been a noteworthy part of the pool of alumni. Most of the alumni are well-settled in their career on high posts and salaries while many others chose to become entrepreneurs and established their own endeavours. In either prospect, the students of SRCEM has reached new heights of success and took crucial steps toward their goals. Since the faculty and staff has worked so hard for their careers, the words of alumni are always stuffed with thanks and appreciation for the institute and all its members. Feeling proud and satisfied with their words, team SRCEM find its efforts going in the right direction and keeps on making improvements in its processes and methodologies to provide a better learning and living environment. With the mixed feelings of happiness, proud and satisfaction, some noteworthy words of Alumni are shared below:


Mohit Sharma
"I appreciate the careful development of our academic path"

Karan Bajaj
"SRCEM has the best Infrastructure and well equipped labs which provides a very good experienced"

Prateek Arya
"I am very happy to be a part of SRCEM family which gave a right direction to my career"


Aditya Bugalia
"Fests are organised to bring out the hidden abilities and talents of the students"

Aanchal Tiwari
"With such a diverse culture in college, I was able to make friends from all corners of the world"

Heena Gaur
"Special thanks to SRCEM which made my dream turn into reality"


Kinshuk Sen Gupta
"Well Stocked library, Good Labs, Hard Working Faculty, Best College"


Neel Bhasin
"I am honoured to be an alumna of SRCEM. I am obliged to my faculties for their continuous guidance"

Ajit Kaur
"If you have passion for learning then SCREM is the right place"

Deepak Jangra
"Special thanks to SRCEM which made my dream turn into realiaty"

Manoj Kumar
"Proper Rules and regulations are followed to improve the status of Education"

Bhudev Sharma
"You have four years to become a man of personality here"

Kalyan Singh Bagar
"I've learned one thing and that's to quit worrying" Thank you SRCEM"

Prashant Sharma
"My Dream College"

Babita Devi
"Thank you SRCEM for making me employable"

Vikas Kumar
"Time I spent in SRCEM is the best chapter of my life"

Vinay Prakash
"Studying at SRCEM was the best part of my life. Precious memories are attached with this college"

Bunty Sharma
"While I was here, I was exposed to the world which was earlier impossible for me"

"The management of the college is very much concerned for the students development"

Hiren Patel
"Skilled and co-operative faculty"

Raju Kamat
"PTM's are conducted to inform the parents about their child's progress"

"Classrooms are wide and specious"

Pooja Gaur
"SRCEM has given me the confidence to face the world"

Anshul Verma
"Take an opportunity and turn in into an adventure by coming in SRCEM"

Neha Rani
"Get your future secured at SRCEM"

Sanjeev Vashishth
"Don't just move with the heard, have a different eye and see my college"

Nand Kishore
"Hard work is a key of sucess". 'SRCEM' is a key of opportunities"