Educational Tours and Industrial Visits
SRCEM arranges the educational tour and industrial visits for the students
Sports Club
SRCEM organises sports meet in college campus every year to promote various sports
Red Cross Unit
The unit keeps close liesen with India red cross Society and jointly organize various programme, workshops and blood donation camps
Cultural Events
Cultural committee organizes the "Valediction" events every year
Railway Reservation
Reservation forms for booking tickets are made available to the students coming from different parts of india Insurance
Life insurance cover & accidental insurance cover to SRCEMians
Job Fair
SRCEM organizes job fair every year to facilitate student's placements in various companies/industries
Medical Facilities
SRCEM has tie-up with Ashwini Hospital, Faridabad & Gupta Nursing Home, Palwal for medical facilities to the students
Education-Loan Facility
SRCEM is also helping in providing loan to the needy students. SRCEM has words with two reputed banks in Palwal and Faridabad

Bank of Baroda, Faridabad

Andhra Bank, Palwal
Grievance Redressel Committee
As per AICTE notification the Grievance Redressal Committee handles the entire grievances of students and parents regarding all the matters related to academics & administration
Anti-Ragging Cell
Anti-Ragging Committee has been Constituted to ensure the Ragging free atmosphere inside the college
Parents Counselling System
SRCEM organizes parents counselling in each semester. Attendance and academic performance of the student is sent to the parents by post

Parents of having week performance student are called to meet the college authority personally and discuss to find out the way for improvement of their ward and extra classes are organized for weak- students